About Us

About The Attrition & Retention Consortium

The mission of the Attrition & Retention Consortium is to work together with other highly respected organizations and leading edge human resource professionals to pro-actively exchange data on voluntary attrition and to share best practices and ideas for retention and engagement within our respective companies.

Benefits of Joining

As a member of the Attrition & Retention Consortium, you will benefit from:

  • Ongoing networking and sharing of best practices in employee retention and engagement.
  • Access to comparative attrition and retention data to see how your company compares to other industry leaders.
  • Annual meeting and periodic teleconferences to share best practices, learn from internationally renowned external experts, review turnover data, and pursue professional development opportunities.


Our Member value Proposition

Being a member of ARC, you should receive the follow:

  • Help member companies more effectively use and share benchmark data to
  • Use of professional, third party statistician to identify compelling trends and insights about the data
  • Opportunity to share to best practices in retention strategies by member companies
  • Opportunity to have dialogue with academics and consultants
  • Ability to network with member companies, and conduct adhoc surveys for emergency retention & human capital issues